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Here is support section. If you have a question, you can search our FAQ first. If you can't find any answers or you don't have the time to search, you can send us an email and we will answer you questions as soon as possible.


Here you can find Flash demonstrations of some common tasks, such as creating emails, ftp sub-accounts. If you can check the demonstartions if you are not sure how to do it.


Please browse through our FAQ section to see whether your questions are being answered. The FAQ will be updated frequently. Please check when you have new questions.

E-mail Support

Please send your email to appropriate department. This help us to classify you problems and let us to have a faster respond to your question.

顧客支援 -- support@worria.com

For existing clients only, questions about billing, network/server status, general how-to and any related questions can be asked.

Questions generally will be answered within 1 days. If you does not receive any reply, please send again.

Pre-Sale support -- sales@worria.com

For general public, any questions about our servers, network, price structure, terms and company information can be asked here.

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