H-Sphere Reseller Guide

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Securing Reseller Control Panels With SSL
(version 2.3 RC3 and higher)


H-Sphere version 2.3 and higher allows securing reseller control panels with SSL by allocating either spare IPs or open ports to the control panel server. It is available only for Apache installations of H-Sphere because it uses virtual hosts in the Apache configuration file.

To enable your control panel SSL protection:

  1. Log into reseller control panel.
  2. Select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu and create a DNS Zone if it has not been created before.
  3. Select Server Aliases in the E.Manager menu.
  4. Add CP Alias that points to the control panel logical server:

    The CP alias name should coincide with the domain name you are going to secure.

  5. Select CP SSL Manager in the E.Manager menu.
  6. On the page that shows, turn on CP Alias to enable it in the system:

    Note: If you get warnings, e.g. about missing spare IPs, it either means that your administrator hasn't allocated enough IPs for Reseller SSL or hasn't enabled this feature in this reseller plan. Please turn to your admin for assistance.
  7. On the page that appears, you have two choices:
    • Generate a temporary wildcard certificate by clicking the link at the top of the window;
    • Enter your existent wildcard certificate by entering it in the form.
  8. Click the Submit button to install the certificate.
  9. On the page that shows, CP alias turns on. In the Action section you can:
    • Click the Edit icon against the alias to edit certificate data or to enter new keys .
    • Click the Change icon to change current reseller CP URL to the secured URL you have bought SSL certificate for.

    Note: Select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu. Note that if you have set IP-based CP SSL, cp server alias becomes an A DNS record.

    Important: Consider that all changes will take effect only after admin restarts H-Sphere.

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