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Setting Site Toolbox
(version 2.3 and higher)


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With H-Sphere versions 2.3 RC4 and higher, you can offer your clients a Site Toolbox utility. This document covers the following issues:


Configuring SiteTool Box Utility in Your Admin Control Panel

Before being able to use Site ToolBox services, you should make an agreement with Site ToolBox. H-Sphere allows to do it directly from the interface.

So, to add the SiteTool Box utility in your admin control panel, do the folowing:

  1. Select SiteTool Box in the INFO menu
  2. On the page that shows, click the Fill in the registration form link.
  3. The page that shows is your registration form for Site ToolBox. Fill in all necessary fields of the form and click Submit.


Contacting SiteToolBox outside H-Sphere for making agreement.

Upon submitting the registration form, an agreement page shows that should be sent to Site ToolBox. To get registered in Site ToolBox, do the following:

  1. Print out the registration request that displays.
  2. Send it by fax to "Site ToolBox" using contact information given on the page.
  3. Wait for their response to your email.
  4. When your request is met and agreement is made, you will receive your own Site ToolBox Referral ID and Site ToolBox URL.


Enabling SiteToolBox utility in your admin Control Panel.

  1. Again log into your admin control panel.
  2. Select SiteTool Box in the INFO menu and enable Site ToolBox by clicking the OFF icon ON.
  3. Fill out the the form on the page that shows:
    • Site ToolBox Referral ID: identical unique number given to you by Site ToolBox service upon making an agreement.
    • Site ToolBox URL: you can access Site ToolBox by which is also provided to you upon agreement with Site ToolBox.
  4. Click Submit.


Enabling SiteToolBox for all users in your user plans.

  1. Select SiteTool Box in the INFO menu. The following page will show:
  2. Click OFF against the ToolBox is available for users option that will turn it ON.

After enabling Site ToolBox all users under all plans will be able to use this utility.

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