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Worria.com aims to deliver more service for very affordable prices. Webhosting can be done better and Worria made this reality. The best visitor experience for your website.

Company Background

Worria.com was established in June, 2003 by a group of computer science professionals that were convinced that web hosting could be done better. Providing high quality, very reliable web hosting is just the basis in Worria's view. With all necessary features, that a modern host should have, and together with personalized and friendly support, Worria has managed to deliver the better web hosting services they had in mind back in June, 2003.

Our Network

What makes Worria the better web host? The following may be a bit technical, but it explains it very clear:

Using BGP4 (Border Gate Protocol) technology, data to and from your web site always takes the best route through the network, ensuring a better experience of your web site by your visitors.

Datacenters are equipped with the best back-up and redundancy systems (power and data equipment). Together with no less than 6 different transit providers to connect to the internet Worria ensures 100% uptime and delivers quality and very reliable hosting services.

These transit providers are: AboveNet (MFN), Aleron , Global Crossing, Peer1, Teleglobe , WilTel and UUNET. Each provides us with unique connectivity to the internet and the technology we use, ensures that the best path is always used. No matter where your visitor is located, he gets the fastest connection.

Peering relationships with content and access networks enables access to destination networks directly, bypassing transit for increased speed and reliability.

The enormous bandwidth capacity available is sufficient for 4 times the daily traffic of all sites hosted by Worria.com. This ensures that there is bandwidth available for special events, maintenance, possible carrier outages or Denial of Service attacks.


Aiming to deliver more

Worria.com is affordable web hosting at prices that compete with every standard host, but with Worria you ensure the best visitor experience and high quality, reliable service.

We aim to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price. That is why we choose the best data centre for our servers and provide various ways to reach our support team. Our support team provides 24x7 support by email, helpdesk, forum and live chat.

If you would like to know more about us, please send emailto sales@worria.com and we are graceful to tell you more.


We use high quality server parts to build our server, such as

  1. Supermicro (Motherboard)
  2. Intel (Motherboard, CPU)
  3. Western Digital (SATA Harddisk)
  4. China-iok (rack server chassis)
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