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Here you can find Flash demonstrations of some common tasks, such as creating emails, ftp sub-accounts. If you can check the demonstartion if you are not sure how to do it. If you are not a customers, you can experience the power of our control panel.

Control Panel demonstration:

1. Creating a POP email account
2. Creating a catchall email account
3. Creating an autoresponder
4. Creating an email account in Outlook Express
5. Creating a mail forwarder (redirect)
6. Creating an email alias
7. Changing your email password
8. Using Webmail
9. Creating a mailing list
10. Changing your control panel & FTP password
11. Changing your hosting plan & billing period
12. Changing your bandwidth & disk space limits
13. Changing your control panel skin & language
14. Creating & transferring a domain
15. Deleting a domain
16. Creating a subdomain
17. Creating a domain pointer (alias)
18. Adding a new hosting package
19. Managing FrontPage Extensions
20. Creating custom error pages
21. Creating redirect pages (URLs)
22. Creating FTP subaccounts
23. Creating a MySQL database
24. Managing a MySQL database using phpmyadmin
25. Using Webalizer
26. Installing pre-configured CGI scripts
27. Submitting your site(s) to search engines
28. Editing your contact information
29. Submitting a trouble ticket
30. Installing SSL Certificates
31. Changing your billing information
32. Using SiteStudio
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