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This tutorial shows you how to move spam to a specific folder.

We have installed SpamAssassin in all our mail servers. SpamAssassin will scan all the incoming emails. If SpamAssassin thinks the email is probably a spam, the program will add [*****SPAM*****] tag in the subject. This tutorial shows you how to move those tagged email to a specific folder, the "Spam" folder.

How to move spam to a specific folder in Microsoft Outlook Express

This tutorial assumed you have correctly set up Outlook to receive and send email.

1. Open Outlook Express.

2. Click "Tools", then scroll your cursor to "Message Rules", and click "Mail", as shown below:


4. A window will pop up, click "New Rule" on the right.

5. Another window will pop up, please check boxes as shown in picture:
(check "Where the Subject line contain specific words" in 1 and "Move it to specified folder" in 2.


6. In 3, click "contains specific words".

7. A new window will pop up. Please type "[*****SPAM*****]" (without quote) in the text field as shown below:


8. Press "Add" button.

9. If success, you will see the tag in the box below. Then press "OK" button.


10. Click the word "specified" in 3.

11. A new window will pop up. Then, click "Local Folders" and "New Folder" (on the right).

12. Another new window will pop up. Type "Spam" in the text box.


13. You will see a "Spam" folder in the list. Click the "Spam" folder and then press "OK" button.


14. You will back to window in Step 4. Now, type any name your like in the text box under "4. Name of the rule". Then press "OK" button.


If you have any problem related to this tutorial, please send question to our support team.

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