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Hong Kong Affordable Dedicated Servers

Welcome to provides Hosting, Dedicated Server, and Colocation Service since 2008. Currently, we are hosting more than thousands of servers and pushing more than 3 Gbps of traffic. We have a team of experienced technical support, that is available 24x7x365. All support queries will be resolved within hours not days. For emergency issues, we have phone support that will notify our team instantly. Choosing Worria's server, you will not only get a quality Dedicated server with top-notch network but also a professional team to look after your server.

Why Choose Worria's Server


Low Latency

Hong Kong located in the middle of the Asia-Pacific Region where is home to 60% of the world population. With Worria's Server, you can reach most of your targetted visitors within 70ms latency.


Hardware Quality

All our servers use Intel Processor (Xeon, i3, or Pentium) with optional SSD. That makes our servers rock-solid, blazing-fast, and high performance.


Choice of Operating System

We provide a wide range of Operating System options, ranging from Linux/UNIX to Windows Server. e.g. Centos, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows Server 2019 and DragonFlySD. We will also install OS not listed in the order form.


Affordable Price

We offer affordable Hong Kong-based server. Server offers start from $99/month for an Intel Pentium Processor. We also offer a cheap or low cost, high bandwidth option (without China Telcom CN2 in BGP mix)


Payment Method

We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, and Bank Transfer


Full Control

All our servers come with root or Administrator, and full IPMI access, that is you can install any packages, software or system you like and do anything you want as long as it is legal.


Professional Support

We have experienced technician support that is available 24x7. Also, we provide QQ chat, email, support desk, and phone support. So, customers can always get in touch with us with a few clicks.

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